Init Command

The init command in Astra equips you with the necessary tools to start leveraging Astra right away. It's designed for both new users embarking on their Astra journey and existing users needing to configure the Astra CLI application.

Getting Started

If you're looking into the init command in order to start your journey and create your infrastructure, you can view more about the bootstrapping step here.

If you've already bootstrapped your infrastructure and just need to set up your Astra CLI app, keep reading!



To use the init command effectively, ensure you have installed:

Astra uses these tools in order to create/document your infrastructure and orchestrate your authentication with AWS, respectively.


You should have been given an API key by your administrator or Astra support. If you have not received this yet, make sure your administrator or support has created you as a user.

Installing Astra

Installing Astra is straightforward due to its single binary CLI format. Follow the instructions on this page for detailed installation steps.


Now that you have everything in place you can simply run astra init.

Astra will prompt you to input your API key and create a configuration file in your home folder to store it.

It will also inform you if the tooling mentioned above is installed correctly and Astra has permissions to use them.


Congratulations! You've successfully set up Astra.

You can test out your new powers by running the whoami command

~|⇒ astra whoami
User Information:
 │ Customer ID    : orreri
 │ API Key ID     : apupA
 │ Account State  : Active

 │ SSO Instance ID : d-2a680d4762
 │ SSO Start URL   :
 │ Default Region  : us-east-2
 │ Bootstrapped:   : true

Start exploring its capabilities by referring to the CLI Reference. This guide will help you manage your infrastructure effectively using Astra.