Installing Astra

Astra is available as a pre-compiled binary, making it straightforward to run on your local machine.

Whether you're a pro at adding programs to your system path or new to this, the process is simple!

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

1. Download the Binary

First, go to the Astra download page. Select and download the binary file that matches your operating system.

🪧 You can also use wget or curl to download the version of your choice by using the direct URL. You can use the downloads page to figure out what semver/distro/arch you require.

2. Move and Set Up the Binary

After downloading the file, you'll need to move it to a location in your system's path and make it executable. This allows you to run Astra from anywhere in your terminal.

For example, if you've downloaded the file to ~/Downloads, you can move it to /usr/bin (a common directory for executable files) and set it to be executable with the following commands:

~|⇒ cp ~/Downloads/astra_cli /usr/bin/astra
~|⇒ chmod +x /usr/bin/astra
~|⇒ astra --version

These commands do the following:

  • cp ~/Downloads/astra_cli /usr/bin/astra: Moves the Astra CLI file to /usr/bin and renames it to astra.
  • chmod +x /usr/bin/astra: Makes the file executable.
  • astra --version: Checks the installed version of Astra, confirming that the installation was successful.

🪧 If you're using a recent Apple distribution and downloaded Astra using your browser, attempting to run Astra might give you an error. To resolve this, simply find Astra in your finder app and press 'open'. This will bring up a confirmation which will mark the Astra binary as trusted. From there you should be able to use Astra normally.

3. All Set!

You're done! Astra is now installed and ready to use. Let's begin setting up your infrastructure!