Going from Zero to One on your Infrastructure

An Aside

Core Infrastructure, while often deprioritized, is the backbone of any successful venture — be it a building standing tall or a software system running smoothly. Ignoring it is akin to neglecting the foundation of a house; eventually, the cracks will show, and the damage might be irreparable. Many companies have learned this the hard way, with their engineering teams overwhelmed and morale plummeting as they struggle with inadequate tools in a crisis of their own making.

But this doesn’t have to be your story. Today presents an opportunity — a chance to prioritize and invest in robust infrastructure and developer tooling. By doing so, you ensure not just the stability and scalability of your projects, but also the wellbeing and productivity of your teams. Let's commit to building strong foundations in our software, ensuring that the unseen becomes the unsung hero of our success. Together, we can avert the tale of the sinking ship and sail towards a future of innovation and growth.

Let's get started!

This is the first step on a promising journey! But like any good adventure we need to be prepared for what comes ahead. Astra will help you out with the truly daunting tasks, but a few things need to happen before that can take place:


1. Astra API Key

If you don't yet have an Astra API key, you'll need to contact support.

Astra uses this API key in order to provide convenience for certain commands. Most commands wont work without it.

2. AWS Management Account

If you haven't already go ahead and create your initial AWS management account.

A quick skim through this page should inform you on how to do it (The parts in red are especially informative.)

This account is very special and holds the keys to the kingdom. We'll be using it to set up the rest of your infrastructure and then locking it down for security.

🪧 If you've already created an account and have running infrastructure support will guide you on how to best proceed.

3. Install Prerequisites

You'll need to install both:

Astra uses these tools in order to create/document your infrastructure and orchestrate your authentication with AWS, respectively.

Once you're finished let's continue!