Liftoff to Stellar Infrastructure

The Universal Solution for All Your Startup Infrastructure Needs

Astra is your all-in-one, simple, and opinionated command line toolkit designed to create and manage your infrastructure with industry best practices.

Zero Lock-in
Astra effortlessly builds your infrastructure on the cloud of your choice, offering you the freedom to take over anytime. Start with Astra, graduate when you're ready.
Escape the Gravity of Tech Debt
With Astra, your infrastructure is not just built—it's sculpted based on decades of industry wisdom. Avoid common pitfalls and save engineering time.
Stellar Solutions in One Orbit
Astra has you covered with integrated solutions for secret management, deployments, containers, databases, VPN, and everything in between.
Ground Control to Major Dev
Astra also comes with white glove infrastructure support. We're here to help with every challenge, so your application performance never falters.

Instant Infrastructure

Zero Hassle, Full Function

Astra simplifies SaaS infrastructure setup, allowing you to launch quickly without getting bogged down in complex platform engineering. Transition from absolutely no infrastructure to a fully operational, cost-effective platform in just minutes.

Accounts, Users, Permissions, and Guardrails.
Let Astra expertly configure your cloud environment, integrating best practices from years of expertise in platform engineering. Effortlessly implement SSO, onboard users, and manage access controls directly through Astra's user-friendly interface.
Networking, DNS, and More.
Astra meticulously addresses the complexities of infrastructure, ensuring a robust cloud-native networking setup and other vital essentials often missed. No more surprise tech-debt.
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Complete Coverage

Comprehensive Solutions

Astra integrates your newly created infrastructure with app lifecycle tooling. Easily manage configurations, deploy updates, and monitor your application's telemetry all through a simple interface.

Manage App Secrets and Configuration.
Astra provisions and manages the tooling you need to orchestrate your cloud native configuration. No more hassling with bespoke secret managers or third parties, it's all included.
Deploy updates.
Astra handles all your app lifecycle needs, offering you zero-downtime deployments but also providing you an easy to use way to manage your application updates.
Intuitive solutions that make sense.
With Astra, effortlessly monitor your logs, gather application metrics, access private environments, and more, all conveniently from your command line.
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Secure by Design

Effortless Compliance; Out of Box Security

Achieve SOC 2 compliance with ease and enhance your security confidence as Astra embeds modern best practices by default.

Secure By Default.
From TLS Cert Management to Secret Management, Astra equips you with the infrastructure and practices that prioritize and enhance your security posture.
SSO and User Permissioning.
A robust security program considers the user; Astra excels here by simplifying access management for admins and streamlining permissioning for developers.
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