Simple, Straightforward pricing

Bypass the expensive, lengthy process of hiring an infrastructure engineer. Choose Astra for a cost-effective, streamlined infrastructure setup, user-friendly developer tooling, and expert support—all at a fraction of a full-time salary.

Full Support

Comprehensive support and a complete infrastructure package for a fraction of what it would cost to find that infrastructure unicorn hire.

What's included

  • Full access to Astra CLI and resources
  • Unlimited users
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Business hours Slack support
  • 4 hours/week hands-on contracting w/ additional available at discounted rate
  • Personalized infra consulting, design, troubleshooting, and tooling support
  • Continuous infrastructure updates
  • Zero lock-in; Cancel Anytime!


$3,200 USD

(Plus Tax)

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Your product deserves your attention - let us handle the infrastructure.

Monthly Cost Comparison

Astra's pricing is set to be significantly lower than the cost of hiring full-time or freelance infrastructure assistance for comparable services.

Cost of Hiring an Infrastructure Engineer Cost of Using Astra
Salary (Based on $160,000/year): $13,333 $3,200
Benefits (Estimated at 20% of salary): $2,667
Equipment: $500
Time Spent Interviewing and Searching (Estimated at ~20 hours for 2 employees): $1,538
Total: ~$18,038